General Marketing Service

  • Marketing services: consultation and analysis, projection, planning, developing, implementation and evaluation and recommendation.
  • Marketing activities: sale promotion and stimulation, marketing activation and acquisition, training and educational activities as well as merchant and customer reward activity programs.
  • Partnership management and relationships
  • Merchants management and relationships
  • Merchant and Outlet expansion
  • Customer and Members acquisition and expansion
  • Privileges and Merchants solicitation services.
  • Road show activities both for International and Local.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): loyalty program, database management, membership activity and expansion (consumer)
  • Production: in house production: printing, silkscreen, booths, displays, structure construction and decoration, light boxes, Decal materials, from paper to hardware materials.
  • Logistics: stock control, packing, distribution.
  • Merchant relationship service: Merchants’ contest and rewards programs
  • Marketing Analysis service : survey to get factual data, pro and con, before implementation: studying projects for 6 to 24 months
  • Client branding and visibility at specific venues and merchants.

Deployment Service

  • Set up and load out teams for all communication materials at participating outlets throughout the country.
  • Decal deployment and information collection at target venues.
  • Control set up and load out timelines, maintain merchant and outlet relationships.
  • Problems and Solutions.
  • Monitoring and follow up to ensure all materials are in the properly position and location.
  • Periodic revisits to fulfill or replace missing material during the program period (by the client‘s direction)

Digital Service

  • The first startup of VTHG in digital channels is Freedom digital and communication, a child company of VTHG.
  • We are committed to ensuring that our competency, capability, innovation change with the times and the evolving market.
  • Enjoy the change

Creative Service

  • Creative ideas, graphics, photo retouching and artwork for point of sales materials, promotional materials, special signage, direct mail, brochures, flyers, newsletters and all kinds of collateral materials to be used in the programs.
  • Creative design for web pages Applications, e-DM and digital media.
  • Creative design for sales booths, demonstration booths, special display, materials, decorations for marketing events.
  • Creative design for City signage /street signage, perspective presentations in the actual locations.


Program Management

  • Co-ordinate with relevant parties: target partners, merchants, sponsors etc.
  • Data analysis and back up to support program proposals and the actual working plans.
  • Sourcing for prizes and premiums.
  • Internal teamwork planning for program development, time control and implementation.
  • Providing / training temporary staff for program fulfillment.
  • Control Quality and timing for program execution in a timely manner.
  • Problem solving: first proposal of a backup plan to be an alternative when facing various problems.
  • Responsibility for and protection of clients in all areas related to legal situations.
  • Program monitoring, evaluation, recommendation and projection of the program to the future, with full reports containing documents and photo references.
  • Analysis of marketing objectives, business projections, program components, proposed mechanic(s) and estimated budget.

Merchant Solicitation

  • Before designing and developing the program concepts and mechanic
  • VTHG plan for :
    • Solicitation teams for retail merchants throughout the country: privileges, participation and branding and awareness
    • Program briefing and training for merchants’ staff.
    • Control and Confirmation of the program’s benefits and privileges, prominent  signage and program communication at merchants’ venues – to be available until the end of program

In-house Capabilities

1. Design and printing: in addition to our market research and planning and creative departments, we have the ability to quickly print high-quality POSM as well as outside banners.

2. Logistics :  we can have advertising materials delivered throughout Bangkok or throughout all of Thailand with a month, a week or even a day, depending upon our customer’s requirements

3. Set up ,Load out and distribution:  our teams can deliver and set up POSM and other signage at merchants throughout Bangkok or throughout Thailand.

4. Our call center /booking service :  can contact merchants, customers and other people for various purposes:  marketing research, merchant dealing, data collection, etc. Our call center can also respond to customer questions or problems or can record customer data for any program.

5. Data entry :  our staff can key in and file coupon redemptions, premium giveaways and other information as needed.

6. Auditing :  our auditing team can monitor the placement of materials and check and confirm that the program privileges are still being implemented.  They will also verify that all document from the participating merchants or any partners are kept and recorded.  Finally they verify the accuracy of our records and other data on a regular basis.

7. Staff on the ground:  our staff solicit & make regular visits to merchants who are participating in various programs for a number of purposes:  training, checking POSM, recording and solving any problem etc…


Evaluation / Audit / Report

Evaluation / Report:

The Auditing and Evaluation team will act immediately after the deployment team has completed their work.  They will work daily, weekly or monthly to evaluate the program performance, with the target of improving the program mechanic if it does not work or reporting if it works better than the projection.

  • The program will be monitored and the performance tracked on a weekly or monthly basis as agreed upon with the clients.
  • Weekly updates with clients will be held for project review.
  • A complete report will be sent to the client at the end of the program, including program performance, problem solving, program evaluation and improvement for the next time.

Standard reports for Clients:

Reports for programs vary with the customer’s requirements and the length and complexity of the program.  Typical reports are done on a weekly or semiweekly basis or, if the program is long term, on a monthly basis.

Typical reports would include:

  • Redemption spending – overall
  • Redemptions per participating merchant
  • Activations
  • Spending volume (overall and incremental)
  • POSM Deployment (usually a photo-report)
  • And other reports as required.

Report channels :

We can generate reports on website/online or traditional document soft and hard copy.

Event Organizer

All Marketing Events- Booth design and advertising media solutions

– Grand Opening, Product Launching
Conferences for Product launches Showcasing Product Design and format of the new products, including organizing shows with a professional team.

– Event Marketing & PR
Event consultation  marketing, marketing planning, including advertising, public relations and facility care management activities for distinguished guests.

Promotion Campaign
We provide promotional activities designed to promote products successfully and completely. Our team of professionals has extensive experience of organizing Events.

Exhibition, Product Display, Road Shows.
Our core services include planning and running Exhibition Fair Roadshows. We provide consulting, planning, preparation and recommendations for all aspects involved in these solutions.

New Year & Staff Party
Catering New Year Party, birthday party, Thank You Party, Facilities party for you, whether big or small. We care and design stage, lighting, sound, modern and fun from singers superstars, MC hosts from among the best in Thailand.

Staff on ground

  • Team support for marketing events or activities: organizing events, activities on stage, shows, MC, pretties and more.
  • Staff  support for program information and redemption
  • Staff support for program announcements: giveaway leaflets or program information in public areas
  • Field teams: Mystery shopping, Auditing branding, materials team –replace materials to ensure the prominent display of programs at all venues, maintain relationships.
  • Temporary staff: working on specific programs for 3-12 months

Call center/Booking service

This service is a traditional service of VTHG to assure successful program implementation and performance.


  • VTHG call service – can contact merchants, customers and other target people for various purposes:  information call, marketing research, surveys, monitor program performance, data collection, and also dealing with merchants. etc..

Our call team can also respond to the customers questions or problems or can record customers data for any program for various purposes.


  • VTHG booking service – both call in & out service is provided for booking agendas -a specific or exclusive service which requires high level service capability for various types of program development  – for booking in advance, VTHG will manage the booking calls as the agent as a convenient service to our customers and privileges partners, both in Thailand and overseas, together with confirmation of the booking back through mail to confirm the call.

Problem Solving also would be addressed and help our clients to finish with the best outcome.

In additional ,

We also provide errand services and information services for our clients . Services include informational requests, setting dinner reservations, making telephone calls, researching travel arrangements and more. . This service offering is also known as lifestyle management. We will work well with any client ’s Concierges to serve our client’s purposes.


Packing Team

  • Packing or Repacking
  • Stocking controlling

Distribution Team

  • Truck
  • Pickup
  • Motorcycle

Logistics and Distribution

Set up and Load out team

  • Set up Team the materials and the equipment according to the concept of each promotion activity
    • Booth or other activities such as games.
    • Construction and decoration—full set up
    • Merchandising display units
  • The different concept of each program will require different teams to implement the activities.
  • In store set up : POP materials
    • Open trade
    • Retail Shops
    • Wholesale Shop
    • Gas Station /stores
    • Etc.