Ever since it was founded in 1994, Vathanagul has been providing below the line marketing service – which is unique and different from other companies in Thailand and even other countries.

Vathanagul has had extensive experience working both in Thailand and aboard, moreover Vathanagul‘s ideas/working platform can be applied for use in many cities and many countries.

Vathanagul‘s chief work is creating & developing marketing service functions/programs that will build and increase the number of customers / amount of customer spending for our clients – We offer full management teams for all our areas of service. We manage our in-house work to meet our clients’ needs & expectations. We control the working schedule to meet our customers’ target dates.

We have served our clients in Thailand, Myanmar and other countries. We offer one stop service in every aspect of below the line marketing, such as ARM.

Our major Marketing & Sale experiences are in the electronic payment card business, tourism, customer relationship management and also life style shopping, dining and travel: coordinating privileges and spending to increase the number of customers /sales /expansion and customer loyalty.

Vathanagul is a full one stop marketing service developing programs from the initial concept till the end, including deployment, control, management and reporting – problem solving. Our organization, team and expertise are developing and adapting in order to meet the needs of today’s changing market.

Innovative initiatives & up to date program mechanics and marketing tools have been created continuously by our teams, engaging with our partners to build more value in our service to our clients.

Vathanagul’s connections are strong with private and public sectors, due to many years’ experience building our team’s strength not only in Bangkok also nationwide.

Our Mission

To become the most competent, highly versatile marketing outsource unit for clients. To input ‘Energy’ into Clients’ marketing strategy (VTHG)

Head Office Staff

Creative Group

– Develop themes and concepts to be linked with programs under the client’s brief.
– Develop visual and mechanic to fit with the overall concept.

Client Service Team

– Get the brief from the Client.
– Deal with alliances or specific partners to join the program.
– Deliver the concept to creative and other teams to settle the big idea.
– Present the creative concept – and take care of the whole working process until the end of the program.
– Summarize reports /monitor/evaluate the result after the end of program,

Producer Team

– Working on the whole production process of all the materials.
– Planning / Implementation the program to the target or mkt.
– Co-Ordinate and control the program until the end.
– Monitor & Summarize the program and send to Client service team.

Account & Buyer Team

– Financial control and management.
– Best sourcing.
– Budget control.

Operation Team

– Support /Provide the staffs, Sale Girls, Pretty Girls, Promo Girls.
– Control both the quality and the performance.
– Report & Feedback whenever facing any problems and also have to clear any issues during the work.

Staff team/Implementation

– Monitor – Summarize the results by following the criteria of the evaluation platform.
– Planning and coordinating with locations’ partners.

Support Team for Implementation

Packing Team

– Packing or Repacking
– Stocking control

Distribution Team

– Truck
– Pickup
– Motorcycle
– Logistics and Distribution

Set up and Load out team

– Set up the materials and the equipment according to the concept of each promotional activity: Booth or other activity such as games etc Construction and decoration—full set up Merchandising display units
– The different concept of each program will require different teams to implement
– In store set up: POP materials, Open trade, Retail Shop, Wholesale Shop, Gas Station /stores, etc.